About us

Genesis Distribution is a world class swift, safe and secure cannabis products distribution company delivering to licensed brick and mortar retail stores in California. We provide:

  • Pick-up
  • Warehousing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Branding & Packaging
  • Testing
  • Delivery & Cash Collection
  • Compliance & regulatory support

We are fully complaint, delivering State-of-the-art security while providing the leading cannabis products to the most successful dispensaries. Focusing on sales planning, pricing and promotions, we deliver the buying decisions that our brand partners want and expect, to expand market share.

Who We Are

At Genesis we are proud of our roots and committed to providing unparalleled service in the cannabis industry. We strive to build brands and grow our customers and supplier’s profitability.

Our dedication to doing “the right thing” and always conducting ourselves with the highest integrity sets us apart from our competition. The resources that we devote to developing our employee’s skills and valued supplier partners is a corner stone of our business.

We source and partner with the best brands in California.

Why work with us?

Our employees are passionate, creative, diverse and driven to help rethink the way consumers engage with brands. We employ creative and collaborative forward thinkers that have a thirst for learning and sharing industry best practices.

Our Team:

You’ll work side by side with company leaders and industry pioneers who have proven experience in building great companies.

Embrace a big future with us:

We are a team of engaging, motivated, intelligent, and energized trouble-shooters who work hard, play hard, and are committed to making an impact. We have a hand-picked team with decades of cannabis experience in sales and operation of high-volume distributors. We are passionately committed to leading and shaping the future of cannabis delivery.

You’ll be in good company


At our core...

we are highly focused on analytics, evolving market trends, product development, brand building and trade marketing. Our skilled execution in the marketplace is vital to our mutual success and the continual improvement in every level of our business. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of all our brands, as we are a family.

Our purpose...

is to exceed all expectations of suppliers and customers with exceptional sales, service results through innovative strategies, unmatched relationships, leading edge technology and the industries best trained and most talented team.

A critical priority...

is ensuring logistically we deliver to customers what they ordered, on time and with precision accuracy.

We standardize...

and share best practices to benefit our customers and suppliers.

The essence...

of our success lies within embracing the unique talents, perspectives and personalities of our team members.

We operate...

with a true sense of urgency and intent.

Genesis is a...

distribution leader of progressive minds and technology.

Connecting Cannabis To California
“We knew we could count on the dedication and experience of the Genesis team.”
- Jon Gornbein
CEO - Stay Kind Co.
“Experience pays dividends in more than one way, that's what makes Genesis an important choice for us.”
- Sue Hooten
CEO - Infused Edibles

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